Kate Hunter is a British designer with a strong focus on hand made jewellery.


Her designs and creations are

highly sought after in the British industry.



company registration number: 10287164

Ochre - stockists

In May 2019, Ochre boutique commissioned Kate Hunter to design and make a range of unique jewellery accessories for their newly opened store.


Based in Hessle, East Yorkshire, Ochre, is founded as a family business with an on the pulse trend for fashion.


Working to a tight deadline for the opening of the boutique, Kate injected her passion and drive into creating the collection.


The first stunning collection consists of a mixture of jewellery ready for all seasons, from delicate and dainty - to bold statement pieces.


In October 2019, having sold out of the first Spring/Summer HMJ collection, Ochre requested an Autumn/Winter jewellery collection!


Each jewellery piece is individually handmade in the United Kingdom by Kate, for Ochre, and availble to purchase from the boutique.


High Maintenance Jewellery and Kate really enjoy working with such a professional, fresh, and friendly business. Thank you Ochre.

Visit Ochre boutique at;


Prestongate, Hessle, East Yorkshire, HU13 0RD