Kate Hunter is a British designer with a strong focus on hand made jewellery.


Her designs and creations are

highly sought after in the British industry.



company registration number: 10287164

High Maintenance Jewellery was created in 2009, by a lady who dared to dream and wanted to share with the world her unique creations for everyone to enjoy.....this lady was Kate Hunter!


Within less than a year HMJ had a business plan, designs, creations, stock, logo and had become a valued business, specialising in bespoke hand-crafted jewellery and accessories. After falling in love with beads, charms, pendants, ribbons.....anything that could be designed and crafted into  a stunning piece for women to wear,

High Maintenance Jewellery felt that they should open their creations and online store for people to share their love and inimitable pieces too!


Always being a girly girl, Kate loved to be wearing gorgeous jewels that made her feel beautiful and passionate about the things in life.

High Maintenance Jewellery hope that you enjoy our passion too!


HMJ pride thereselves on their customer service, quality of materials, unique creations, and their pleasant nature – holding many

High Maintenance Jewellery events, jewellery parties, charity donations, stalls, competitions, and children’s workshops throughout each year.


High Maintenance Jewellery have a fun motto in life and also in business.....

"Forget the Rules!"

High Maintenance Jewellery